FAQs: Indiana Choice Scholarships

The Indiana Board of Education wants to ensure that all children have access to a good education that suits their needs. That’s why it’s offering a program called the “Choice Scholarship Program” or “voucher program.” The Choice Scholarship Program helps students in grades K-12 with tuition costs at certain schools if they meet certain requirements.

General Indiana School Choice FAQs

How does School Choice work in Indiana?

Can you live in one school district and go to another in Indiana?

General Indiana Choice Scholarship Program FAQs

What is the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program?

What is a voucher school?

Does the Indiana Choice Scholarship have income limits?

What are the eligibility requirements for the IN Choice Scholarship?

Applying for an Indiana Choice Scholarship

Why would I consider applying for an IN Choice Scholarship?

How do I apply for the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program?

What if I can’t provide any income documents?

Are there deadlines for the IN Choice Scholarship application?

Do I need to re-apply for a Scholarship?


How much funding will I get from the Indiana Choice Scholarship?

Can I receive funding to enroll my child mid-semester / mid-school year?

Using Your Indiana Choice Scholarship Funds

Can the Indiana Choice Scholarship be used for homeschooling?

Where can I find a list of Indiana Choice Scholarship participating schools?

Can I use the IN Choice Scholarship for faith-based schools?

How do I know the schools that accept the funds are credible?

What if the funding doesn’t fully cover my child’s tuition?

Will my child’s IEP or 504 Plan be supported if I use the IN Choice Scholarship for their education?


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